Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marcel Duchamp//Dada

Duchamp was involved in the dada movement. Dada was an anti-art cultural movement. Duchamp's work is unconventional and usually involves some kind of humor. The Fountain was unveiled in 1917 and is one of Duchamp's "readymades." I have always found the Fountain interesting because it is so simple and it has the ability to really anger and confuse people. Duchamp's glass piece is called The bride Stripped by Her Bachelors, Even. He worked on the piece from 1915 to 1923. This piece is interesting to me because when the glass was accidentally broken while being transported he did not fix it...and in a weird way it actually made the piece better. In 1942 Duchamp created an instalation called A Mile of String. This piece has suspicion surrounding it because it is known that Duchamp purchased 16 miles of string for the instalation and then only ended up using one mile of it...what happened to the other 15 miles? and why didn't he use it? The whole unknown about this piece is what makes it interesting.

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