Monday, February 16, 2009

Paul Rand//Logos

U.S. Satellite Broadcasting 1995//I like this logo because the colors and the way the letters are positioned immediately make you think about a satellite. 

Enron 1996//This logo seems to present Enron as a large corporation because of the way it is a building/capitalE

Ford Motor Company 1966//I think this logo positions Ford as racing brand. 

William Bradley//Catalog of the Overman Wheel Company

William Bradley is an American credited with being apart of the creation of the Art Nouveau Movement. This was the 1899 catalog and the last that Bradley designed for the Overman Wheel Company. I like this piece because it is an art piece with Art Nouveau characteristics, but it also serves the logical function of advertising the new Overman Victor Bicycle. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Saul Bass//Casino Title Credits

Bass was associated with the International Style. These are the title credits from the 1995 movie Casino. This is one of the last works completed by Bass. I really like this piece because of how appropriate it is for the movie. Bass was very skilled at picking out the important themes in movies and expressing those themes creatively. This website has info about other movie credits that Bass created.